Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Amazing Neighborhood Peg Board

So, I have always wanted my very own craft room.  I finally have one and am so fortunate to have the space.  It's not a large room, but it's a room all my own.  Now, the issue is that I have several hobbies, some frequently visited and some not so much.  This leads to the problem of space each requires a minimum of storage and unfortunately there is just never enough space!!

Anyway, several months ago, since my husband and I have MANY home repairs to work on I talked him into buying some power tools (I LOVE POWER TOOLS).  We got a Miter Saw and one of those cool interchangeable saw/scraper/doohickeymajiggy tools along with a pile of other things.

I must admit the miter saw is my favorite, it is just awesome and pretty easy to use.  It was a little intimidating at first just because it can take a limb off if you're not careful but once you get used to keeping your hands out of the "NO HANDS ZONE" and the loud buzzing, it's all good.

The peg board adventure actually started at Michael's one day.  They were selling kits including 2 squares of peg board made of aluminum.  They measured about a foot square each.  The kits were about $30!!!  I was like, there is no way in hell I'm paying that even with a 40% off coupon.

Next stop?  Home Depot, I had remembered seeing large sheets of peg board there and it didn't hurt to look.  I found it, it was under $10 I grabbed a piece of white peg board and hugged it to my body and didn't want to let go.  It was 4 ft x 2 ft a MUCH better deal than what I had found at Michael's for sure.

I knew that I had to have space between the wall and the peg board in order to hang hooks.  I found a friendly employee who had happened to make one of these for his wife!  Kismet!  He was tall and I had to sprint my 5'2" self after him clutching my peg board.  He brought me to the wood, I needed 2"x1" wood these pieces were long, maybe about 10 feet.  I needed 2 of them.  I don't know if they make 1"x 1" but if I were to do it over I  might try to find 1"x 1" then I'd h ave access to more of the holes and therefore more storage space.  $1.62 x 2.

Attachments were drywall screws.  He suggested 1" for attaching the pegboard to the wood because they fit perfectly into the holes.  I would suggest 3/4" because they actually went completely through the wood a little.  Then 2 inch drywall anchors and 2 inch drywall screws.  I think the total for the screws and all were about $7.

Then finally in another aisle were all the hooks and doohickey attachments to put your tools up.  I bought the most expensive one which was about $7 plus a couple specific ones for my jewelry tools that were about $3 each.

As you can see, 2 rows on each side are unusable because of the wooden frame in back.  Thus me wishing I had used a thinner piece of wood, or I could have laid the wood differently.  Of course.  Hindsight is 20/20.  :)  Either way, I love this thing and thank Mr Home Depot, I couldn't have done it without you for UNDER $30 AND, before hubby got home from work!

If you have any questions or need specific instructions feel free to ask! :)