Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Assignment of Consignment

So, I've been reading about different ways to market your (my) craft.  Consignment is apparently one of them.  There are two stores here in the near vicinity that I know of so far.  One is super high end fashion and the other is more focused on furniture.  Super high end takes about 60% of the sale but they seem to have a better idea of how to display jewelry and items of that nature.  The other place takes 45% but it sounds like I'll be able to display jewelry on my own display cards to make them stand out and look nicer than what I saw.

What a conundrum.  So, that is my personal assignment for now.  My goal is to go make appointments as soon as I'm able to drive myself and see what the deal is and if they even accept my jewelry as a fit with their styles.

I want to be able to put up business cards and market my etsy shop but also have a place for people to be able to see my jewelry in person.  Let's see how it all goes :D.